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...Understand the tree so you can recognize the leaves...

I grew up deeply rooted in the ethos of community. I come from a lineage of folks who value sharing the stories of who we are as a family, both biological and chosen.  ‘Understand the tree so you can recognize the leaves’, kind of thing. This love of exploring my personal history grew into a deep, lifelong passion for being of service to the spaces and places I have inhabited. As the outgrowth of a robust professional and academic career centered around the art + science of helping to build healthier communities, Root Werk Solutions is an opportunity to honor the beauty and utility of such in all its iterations.

For as long as I can recall, I have always been enthralled with the ways that people make and maintain communal cultures.

The things we say and do together matter.

The triumph and pain points are informative for how we move forward.


From backyard gatherings to convention convenings, the intentionality of both the planners and practitioners is paramount to our ability to use shared experiences to thrive. As such, I am dedicated to constructing innovative strategies to assist stakeholders with some of the most important tools for growing communities of choice and connection.

Kaché Boyd

Founder + Owner, Principal Consultant

Turning a Vision into Reality

With a sharp eye towards rich contextualization, nuanced narratives and problem-solving, I have joyfully and intentionally cultivated more than 24 years of experience in the fields of community engagement, program planning, and event execution. As the Owner, Founder and Principal Consultant of this single – member LLC, I take great pride in infusing each product and service with my personal touch.

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